StripnRoll Fuses Pop Music with Rock Compositions

A formidable force to look out for, the Stripnroll group of musicians and instrumentalists are bound to become the next big sensation as they produce and present stunning and memorable Rock music compositions to inspire and enthrall

London, United Kingdom – February 28th, 2021 – Up-and-coming musicians and singers, Stripnroll are on the right path towards success and fame, as they continue to conjure the most dynamic and beautiful compositions, highlighting themes of life in their own music. Always driven by the dynamic and enthralling nature of Pop and Rock music, the group intends to offer their tribute to their favorite genre and its icons with the release of their fresh and furious new album, that is slated to take fans of the genre by surprise, with its varied and striking musical character and spirit.

The rich and varied album was released on February 11, 2021 and is titled “Keep it Real”- an echo of the themes and stories that the band has accentuated and shed light on through their music and songs. Produced and recorded by Sebastiano Del Vecchio at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, the much-awaited Rock-themed album is a collective work of art, that has been driven by the efforts of the band and its members. Offering a much-needed break amidst the troubles and dire problems the world is facing due to the pandemic, the album is a welcome break and beautiful ode.

“Keep it Real” features the stunning lyricism and musical character offered by band members including Dominic Smith, who is lead singer, guitarist and composer of all featuring tracks on the new album. Meanwhile, the bands bassist Felipe Goncalves endows a beautiful background tune and instruments, coupled with Mark Throne on the guitar and Jack Doherty playing the keyboards. Furthermore, the bands beloved Paul Winter Hart plays drums and complements and completes the bands musical compositions, often featured by invited guests. Stripnroll’s music offers a variety of dynamic and diverse musical styles, moods and features that build the stunning ambience of the album.

Bound to become a fan favourite, the new album is Stripnroll at its best, creating upbeat musical tunes and original lyricism that highlights the member’s influences and inspirations to perfection. Band members of Stripnroll have been inspired by the musical genres of the 60’s Rock and Blues, which have encouraged them to create their own original tracks.





Stripnroll are a 5-member band hailing from London, United Kingdom, who are driven by the thirst and motivation to perform and play live, original music. Inspired by 60’s Rock music, the band’s music features a whole lot of diverse and different genres interspersed to beautiful precision. The band is not afraid of experimenting with contemporary genres, which ensures that their music is palatable and yet original in its tastes and essence.

The band’s members are endowed with great experience, having played at numerous different occasions and events. They remain inspired by the desire to spread messages of honesty, persistence and hard work to achieve their own goals and to become musical sensations that headline world music.




Name: Stripnroll
Phone Number: 07718749179
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