Enigmatic Pop-Rock Brilliance With Peter Lake’s “Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)”

The anonymous vocalist creates an engaging movement through music to raise awareness for frontline workers

New York – March 09, 2021 – Catchy enigmatic beats, proactive lyrics, striking bass, and refined progressions; Peter Lake creates a masterpiece with a purpose with his new single “Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)”

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, and Pop/Rock artist Peter Lake released the single amidst COVID-19, with 100% of the streaming royalties targeted towards the Frontline Families Fund in partnership with Dr. Michael Osterholm, who is given a dedication in the title due to his continuous support towards the project. Other collaborators on the track include David Maurice, Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses, and others.

“Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterhold)” was released by Peter Lake as his contribution towards raising awareness for the families of frontline workers during the pandemic, in hopes of supporting the lives of such superheroes through relief grants. Dr. Osterholm became the main reason for the direction of the track, as mentioned by Peter Lake.

In addition, the original inspiration to the vision of the track includes the lessons Peter Lake learned from his mother on the power of love in devastating times. The single is infused with messages of love and hope, with elements of indie and alternative pop-rock and harmonically-rich arrangements. “There was, and continues to be, lots of talk about what needs to be done from a technical standpoint. However, I believe acts of good deeds, spreading kindness, and taking care of each other are just as important” Lake says.

Peter Lake provides the listeners with facets to his artistry, leaning towards multiple genres including the classic sounds of rock, pop, and house with added elements of indie and alternative techniques giving his discography a thrilling complexity. The core of his songwriting always includes messages to those paying attention, with the added factor of his anonymity to create something special for everyone.

Peter Lake continues to draw inspiration from life and wishes to increase the exposure of people towards anonymous artists, ensuring their voices are heard with the same intensity. Also, he wishes to revolutionize the response to such artists without demanding a reduction in privacy. He wishes to use his influence and talent into spreading messages of humanity and love, without them being diverted by the perception of others.

“Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterhold)” is now available on major streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.

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Peter Lake is an artist and singer-songwriter from New York City. He decided to stay anonymous, with a belief that people’s perception of him should not influence his message and music. He now plans to remain anonymous for the rest of his career.
Peter Lake is a perfect treasure of stunning Pop and dynamic Rock, with an indie twist to tie it all together. He believes in increasing his range by combining elements of different genres, creating a melting pot of positive aspects from all musical styles to integrate into his work. His enigmatic vocals, laced with riveting lyrics paint a solid musical experience for the soul.




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