Transcendent Soul and Soaring Harmonies of R&B With GregR&B’s ‘Love Again’

The Georgia artist takes you on a journey full of everlasting love and compassion with his new album

Atlanta, Georgia – February 24, 2021 – Breathtaking instrumentals, with seductive and emotionally-rich verses, skillful compositions, and endlessly playable melodies create the sound of GregR&B’s latest album ‘Love Again’

Singer-Songwriter, Rapper, and producer GregR&B wrote and produced the entire album, paying an ode to his eternal passion and admiration for R&B and Soul music. The album consists of 13 tracks, with the opening track titled “Cuddle Moves” which is first sing single off the album.

“Cuddle Moves” is an arrangement of mellow beats, heartwarming verses, and lush harmonies that are addictive from the first listen. The track is like a warm hug on a cold winter’s day, hiding you away from the harsh winds and keeping you safe in the arms of your lover.

GregR&B infuses classic elements of Soul and R&B into his music, with the additional touch of a love so deep in intensity, you can feel it through your bones. His compositions involve dynamic and effortless beats, with powerful yet tender verses, smooth vocal arrangements with close harmonies, and mesmerizing bridges to tie the songs all together.

GregR&B wants the world to hear his story through his art, believing in the power of music to unite us all. He wishes to expand his lavel, Hits On Fye Inc and increase exposure of the old-school listeners of R&B to his style of music production. He hopes to have his single “Cuddle Moves” topping the charts, pushing him forward into making more electrifying albums in the future.

‘Love Again’ is available to stream on Spotify and other streaming services, with tracks you should look forward to such as “Cuddle Moves,” the intriguing sound of “Grey Sweat Pants,” and heartwarming composition of “Special One” that will keep you coming back for more.

Stream GregR&B’s new album ‘Love Again’ here!






GregR&B is an artist, singer-songwriter, and CEO of his own label Hits On Fye, which he founded in 2016 after moving to Atlanta Georgia. Born in Rochester, New York, he grew up singing in the church choirs after receiving constant motivation from his mother, who pushed him forward into singing and later rapping. She encouraged him by reminding him that his voice must be heard, despite his past and what he had been through. After moving to Georgia, he finally decided to pursue his passion and released his first record ‘Dripp’ soon after establishing his own label.
GregR&B’s style in music is heavily reminiscent of the golden era of R&B, with heavy influences from rich Soul arrangements, showcasing his enigmatic verses and distinct harmonies, hooking his listeners with each track.




Name: GregR&B
Email: [email protected]