Harmonically-Rich Gospel and Christian Rock With Teen Musician Ellie Rogers’s ‘Tightrope’

The South Carolina vocalist creates a spiritual and enlightening experience with her new album

Fountain Inn, South Carolina – March 8, 2021 – With God by your side, you can conquer the biggest trials and tribulations through hope and faith. That is the message Ellie Rogers wanted to convey with her new album ‘Tightrope’

With introspective verses, symphonic beats, and transcendent arrangements, singer-songwriter and musician Ellie Rogers creates the sound of this album, mastering the project to convey the story of her life to her listeners.

‘Tightrope’ is the light at the end of the tunnel, the reason to keep pushing through anxious nights and worrisome days. Ellie Rogers penned the verses of the album down during the pandemic, when monotonous waves took over the world, she developed harmonies to make you feel alive again.

“What I want to gain in my career as a musician is expression. What I want is to reach people and to spread love towards them in music. When listeners hear my music or see me on stage, I want them to feel joy and passion, and inspiration,” says Ellie Rogers. “I want to gain bonds with my listeners. I want my music to become a friend to them whenever they just don’t know what to do. More importantly, I want to spread the love of God in music. I want to spread His understanding.”

Ellie Rogers is drawn towards ethereal compositions including acoustic guitar, piano, and melodies that make you feel something. She believes that music made her into the person she is today, along with the pain and love she received in the journey of her life.

Ellie Rogers hopes to take over the stage and communicate with the audience without a filter, to cry and laugh with them, and sing her heart out. Ellie Rogers won the 2021 singer/songwriter competition at Smiley’s Acoustic Café in Greenville, SC and she wishes to continue showcasing her artistry, spreading her poignant greatness to more and more people.

‘Tightrope’ was recorded at Medicine Music Productions by Jason McCormick and mastered by Sage Audio, Nashville, TN.

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Ellie Rogers is a singer-songwriter and musician from South Carolina. Just like everyone else, she went through a traumatic experience after losing her uncle in 2015. The shock of her uncle’s sudden death became her inspiration for pursuing music and finding for comfort in her art. She felt a connection with God through musical expressions, healing and learning, and bonding with new people along the way. Her singing/song-writing earned her an award at Smiley’s Acoustic Café.

Ellie Rogers compositions and arrangements consist of complex and poetic verses, riveting bass, harmonically-rich melodies, and a smooth and feel-good vibe that fills your heart with warmth and endless hope.




Name: Ellie Rogers

Email: [email protected]