Spreading Love with Stunning Rap and Reggae Music: Presenting to the World Alex Kajumulo

With his soulful and striking musical tracks that highlight everyday problems complemented with stunning beats and music, Alex Kajumulo is on the track towards success and fame.

Seattle, Washington – March 8th, 2021 – Creating music that matters and raises important issues, quite aptly self-styled as a social justice musician, Alex Kajumulo creates beautiful genre busting music that is bound to both get your feet tapping and your brain moving. An true sensation, Alex Kajumulo is intent on using his musical talents and sheer artistic prowess to spread messages of tolerance, equality and love. With singles such as “All Life Matters, One Love is the Law (Revolution)”, Alex Kajumulo is all ready to use the power of music to narrate the trials and tribulations as a native African person residing in the United States. From standing proudly and confidently against discrimination to systemic oppression, this worldwide artist is set to spread positivity and rally against negativity.

Alex Kajumulo’s music is genre busting–his music reflects his bushman heritage, and the sounds of nature. His music is one which not only provides rich and dynamic beats but also resonant and striking lyricism to shed light on the message of love and beauty in the common things that unite us and make us one. This common theme is also reflected in his single “All Life Matters, One Love is the Law (Revolution)” which is available and streaming on all major musical platforms including YouTube.

Alex is hopeful that people listening to his music will be able to understand the message he wants to impart and is anticipating that listeners become part of his movement to inspire and unite. Driven by the message to “leave a better world for future generations, one of unity not segregation”, Alex believes that although people cannot talk at the same time, they can sing together with anyone around the world, connected and together.



Alex Kajumulo hails from a Tanzanian coffee farming family. He draws his strength from the natural world of Tanzania, the wise guidance and support of his grandfather, and his enduring work ethic. When completing his high school education, Alex sometimes walked 3 hours each day to get to school. He was also fortunate to receive a soccer ball, which in all his free time, when he was not working on the farm or going to school, he used to play soccer.

Initially driven by the allure of soccer, Alex became a gifted player and a professional player on the world stage. He played in many countries around the world. After his playing career ended, Alex settled in Seattle, Washington and became a musician. Today, Alex divides his time between soccer coaching, writing books about soccer, and music. Alex has always had a dedication and passion for music which fuels his constant creation of inspiring and celebratory music for people of all ages, styles and walks of life.



Name: Alex Kajumulo
Phone: (206)765-9907
Email: [email protected]



Facebook https://www.facebook.com/alex.kajumulo

Website https://alexkajumulo.bandcamp.com/track/all-lives-matter-one-love-is-the-law-revolution
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuYFbKM7Emg