A Powerful and Spiritual Afro-Beat Fusion to Heal the Soul- Abrek Unveils New Single

A stellar force in Afrobeat and Afro Pop music, Abrek is enlivening the musical scene with his dynamic vision and passion for his craft

toronto, Ontario, Canada —April 28th, 2023 – An independent singer-songwriter, Abrek continues to stun audiences with original compositions that have been composed and produced by him. Weaved brilliantly, Abrek’s craft depicts a soulful, compellingly arranged, and viscerally moving blend, brimming with authenticity and realness.

A believer in the power of music and its many faces, Abrek has great love for Classical, Jazz, R&B, Reggae, and many other musical genres. With his transcendental craft, the artist is breaking bounds and touching hearts and minds with his unique approach.

Abrek counts the iconic musical force of Michael Jackson and the touching melodies from Bob Marley as being a central inspiration for his music. Imbibed with a spiritual appeal, Abrek continues to deliver timeless melodies with each new track, speaking honestly to audiences and inspiring listeners with his craft.

Building a bridge that connects any musical genre with the people who love the style, Abrek continues to create good music, enabling listeners to travel to the world inside of him. His spellbinding single, “Fatherday” has already amassed an increasing number of streams, encompassing audiences with a unique listening experience.

“Fatherday” entered the local spotify chart pulse last December in Miami and Los Angeles at number 10 and 14 respectively. Fans of the new track have linked its aesthetics to be similar to the experience of being drawn to Disneyland and asset that it needs to be in The Lion King.

Abrek is looking forward to the release of his next single- “Mr Beast (Superman)” and is confident that it will be as impactful, melodious, and meaningful as his previous releases.

“Maybe people can’t love me but you couldn’t remain indifferent to my music, maybe you dont like the song but in your heart you feel the touch- that is the power of my art,” affirms Abrek, inviting listeners to his spiritual journey.

Stream Abrek’s magnetizing new release on his official platforms on YouTube and Spotify. Follow the artist on Instagram and other social media to become a part of his spiritual journey. The artist remains open to all kinds of interviews, reviews, and collaboration opportunities.



Making strides in World and Pop, Abrek is a singer-songwriter who remains passionate about whatever he sets his sights on. The talented, genre-bending artist made his mark with his original single, “Fatherday,” which paved the way forward for his brilliant musical trajectory.

Having grown up in a strong Christian environment, Abrek’s musical inclinations and influences were always very spiritual. The talented singer-songwriter considered melodies to be the “language of the gods” which they used to speak truth to the heart of man directly.

Pushed towards the streets by his unyielding love for street dance, Abrek has witnessed a long journey of maturity, evolution, and growth, adapting his musical craft and learning to create a distinctive style.


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