A Song About A Less Than A Minute Long Rendezvous With A “Curious” Straight Man

San Diego, CA

On June 3rd, Lyndon Enow, is going to release his brand new single “thirty-nine seconds” with an up and coming UK producer, Lyrekko. Continuing his single release from the sleeper hits, “straight boys” and “blackjack. Although the song is a little bit of a departure from his other more soulful, urban songs– he felt the need to make this song because of his love and admiration for pop music. He is a self proclaim “pop head” and is happy that a song of his can finally be considered under that cannon.

When describing the song, he said, “This song takes a deeply personal, disappointing event and turns it into a summer pop anthem for anyone who has ever felt duped by another person”. The person this song is about really did a number on me. He permeated my peace, only to gas light me into thinking that I was not worth more than the 39 seconds that he provided. But the joke is on him because, as the song says–when he came first, he really finished last.

A risk taker in his lyrical and musical content, Lyndon believes in pure and unadulterated transparency and authenticity. He doesn’t want to shy away from the messy elements of life because, to him– they are what make life, life. “Yes this song is about a straight guy who caught the urge to experiment and there’s nothing wrong with that! But purely using another human being for a person’s own selfish gain is a problem that I think many can relate to. This song is to empower those who have felt taken advantage of to take their power back. Especially when their power was not anyone’s to take away!

The song is fun, its light and it’s very catchy! Anyone that really loved the summer of 2016 will absolutely love this song!

PLEASE STREAM “thirty-nine seconds” on June 3rd! Click this link to pre-save!

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Lyndon Enow is a singer-songwriter who was born in Cameroon (a country in West-Central Africa), but raised in San Jose, CA. His mother told him that he could sing before he could speak, a self-soothing method that has proved to be viable and carry him throughout his life. He was always inspired by any and all female vocalist and found that many of them acted as vocal coaches in proxy (constantly mimicking runs and pitch until his was satisfied). He loves all genres of music, but mostly works in the Pop and R&B space, due to the texture of his voice– but is always happy to write for any artists and sing any songs that have meaning. He is releasing his new sing, “thirty-nine seconds” on June 3rd and is really excited for people to listen to a lot of his other music.

He currently resides in Southern California.


Lyndon Enow
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