A Versatile Singer-Songwriter Enchanting Audiences with Her Dynamism and Flow – La Joy White Drops Gripping New Record

Titled, ‘Lollipop’s Music Vol. 1,’ La Joy White’s absorbing new record represents a charming mix of empowering vocals, striking songwriting, and creative concepts

Los Angeles, California — Hip Hop’s beloved singer-songwriter, La Joy White is known for her catchy, spellbinding, and creative composition style. Emboldening ideas of family, love, and respect, the eclectic singer-songwriter unveils a brilliant array of tracks in her new record, ‘Lollipop’s Music Vol.1.’

Featuring the American-born rapper and singer’s characteristic vocals, bold songwriting, and magnetizing tunes, ‘Lollipop’s Music Vol. 1’ is a treat for all audiences. The new record features La Joy White at her finest and is bound to harbor a record number of streams and listens, across all platforms. Most crucially, the artist’s craft stands out in its distinctive usage of alter egos and subtle yet scintillating articulation which breathes a newness into each track.

Influenced by many successful artists such as Tupac, Lil Kim, Lauren Hill, Sade, Missy Elliot, E 40, Snoop Dogg, and others, the talented artist has continued to draw inspiration and channel her own creations. She hopes to continually look towards her icons to learn the art of getting better.

Continually growing and evolving her mindset as an artist, La Joy White has already released 2 albums on all streaming platforms, namely: “Married to the Money” and “Lollipop’s Independent Savage”. Amassing over 37,778 plays, the artist has made an impact that reverberates through the Hip Hop stream, bolstered by the numerous projects and collaborations in which La Joy White continues to take part.

The prolific singer-songwriter hopes to reach a following of 6000 new followers and aims to put out a song each month for her fans. Her goal is to reach 100,000 plays, and collaborate with at least 3 other artists while working on inventive complementary visuals and expanding her experimental scope.

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Tamika Brown, known professionally as La Joy White (Lollipop’s), is an American-born rapper, singer, and songwriter.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, White become surrounded by rap which influenced her to become a rapper and singer. She started singing in the chorus at an early age, but it was in 2002 that she decided to take music seriously after buying her first 8-track Roland. The artist would make new songs every day, burn her songs on CDs and give them out to associates. Later, she was motivated to perform her written songs at talent shows as well.

An accomplished artist, White has had a series of breathtaking performances at Normandie Casino, the Roosevelt Hotel and the Gig in Los Angeles, The Green Turtle, and many more venues. She has also been featured on a number of local radio stations and also has songs in rotation on Pandora.


Name: Lollipop’s
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lollipopsmusic1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theofficiallajoywhite/?hl=en
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LaJoyWhite
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/72Q78OxRVqXvwgAn6gpNH6?si=ee5f9b7be1b84a08
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/la-joy-lolli-white
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/Lollipopsmusic?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav


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