Uplifting Listeners through a Unique yet Universal Ambient Experience – AL GROMER KHAN Drops Sublime New Album

A new record- ‘TRANCE’ is rife with rich, vivid, and rhythmic ethno-ambient musical overtones, resonating with audiences in a hypnotic and energizing fashion

Munich, Bavaria, Germany — AL GROMER KHAN’s newest record, ‘TRANCE’ is a vivid and viscerally sublime record. Taking any listener from their normal, ordinary state to an elevated, ethereal, and meditative state, the artist’s musical record dropped for audiences on December 14th, 2022. It features music that has been independently composed, performed, and produced by the artist at the iconic Paisley Room in Munich, Germany.

Rooted within emotional refinement, ‘TRANCE’ embodies the artist’s mantra of using music as a universal religion beyond all religions, capable of magnificent wonders. Marked by eclectic East Indian undertones, the seasoned sitarist and synthesist’s new work is opulent, spatial, and all-encompassing, delivering his thematic interpretations with great ease.

A subtle and timeless, intimate and sublime record, ‘TRANCE’ was produced by AGK and will be added by Steve Davis and Stephen Hill at Hearts of Space Radio Steve Davis and Stephen Hill which contains a carefully curated group of reference quality albums from artists for whom they have built the Hearts of Space service. A splendid force in Ambient, Classical, and Contemplative music, AL GROMER KHAN presents a coherent musical experience you can listen to from beginning to end, with confidence that every track will reward your time and attention.

With previous albums and records such as, ‘Tantra Drums,’ and ‘Ambient Religion,’ the artist has cultivated a diverse and dynamic presence in the industry. However, more than his well-received and stellar crafts, which have harbored millions of streams on Spotify alone, AL GROMER KHAN stands out by through his inspirational story.

AL GROMER KHAN’s story began with the momentous memory of attending a concert in the 60s featuring Indian music performed by artist Vilayat Khan. Moved by the spellbinding performance, the artist decided to adopt music as a passion and instantaneously committed to devoting his life to the study of Sitar. Eventually, AL GROMER KHAN decided to change his surname and became the first European member of the khan-i-garana — an acclaimed and eclectic lineage of Indian musicians.

While Indian at heart, AL retained his German work ethic and comfort with technology, empowered during a long and productive career marked by over 20 solo albums and 16 collaborations on a dozen record labels. Drawing from the ethereal aesthetics of the Moghul culture of 17th century India (which produced the Taj Mahal), the artist’s poetic, subtle, and stunningly reflective music seamlessly blends traditional musical elements with the latest technological elements to create a sound that is all his own.

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AL GROMER KHAN is a German sitar player and composer whose music spans the multiple genres of ambient, new age, world, and electronica music. He is the author of 4 novels and author of National-Radio documentaries, featuring music for more than 25 years, as well as works as a visual artist. AL GROMER KHAN was born on April 8, 1946, at Frauenzell in the alpine foothills of Bavaria between Lake Constance and Munich. During his college time, the artist founded a skiffle group. Concurrently, Khan engaged in a number of experimental projects, pioneering proto-electronic music amongst others together with Popol Vuh.


Name: www.khanart.de
Address: Weiglstr. 12, Khanart, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/al.gromerkhan
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7sGvSRxJMoJdO530qjic7H


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