Across The Board

Across The Board


Hearing a song more than once could be either good or bad. “Broken In Time”, is that song heard countless times for this review, while it holds up decently enough, hearing it once more may not be of the best choices. Not saying that Across The Board or ATB as they are known to some if not all, is a bad band or good bad they just a band that is there plain and simple really.

Hence “Broken In Time”, is shall we say addictive if not in short rather annoying. It becomes a song that you can hear various amounts of times but still poke fun at it because you find yourself laughing at how funny it sounds. You are there hearing the song and while you may excite yourself over how much fun you like it, it quickly comes to your mind and self that the song is addictive sense you are listening to it more than once, that you end up later finding out that it is more annoying than enjoyable. If any of this does not make much sense than perhaps it is best to leave it at just that.

Otherwise Across The Board as a band is rather decent. They take their genre choices of that of pop, rock, indie, and alternative mixing them at best to come up with a style and sound source that sounds of the modern era meets past era of the 70s. If you are from time frame then this song may just be the one for you. If you were not of that time then this song sounds of that time period, so you get an idea of what back then sounded like from this band and song alone.

If you are just an average everyday listener and do not care of where this song trances back too then just go with it and either enjoy it or do not enjoy it. It ends up being a song that is decent, having quality sound and style. While the band of course has got the tone of beat going for them, while the lyrics and instrumentals are not that far off. The vocal chords presented on this track though are one’s that stand out. They make the song jump right along to the beat of the music. It keeps both vocals and instruments working with such a tone of rhythm that it keeps the song uplifting and upbeat more so than it should.

In fact having both Across The Board and “Broken In Time”, together makes their music and this track in particular working so well, it makes the song more interesting. While listening to the song more so than should, does have it become drowned out and annoying, it does not stop it from being creative. It’s a track with a band that keeps on coming, they try their best which is why this song is here. It showcases the skills of the musician at hand here, really giving them a sense of feel for what they want to do with themselves as musicians. They have got the skills and it is all found within “Broken In Time”.

A countless track with a band that is trying to succeed in more ways than one with their music making abilities. It shows the pride, passion, and power that it takes to be an artist or band, let alone musician, that is what Across The Board is all about and it is shown right here, right very now.


Scottie Carlito