Adult/Contemporary Rock with Drew

Adult/Contemporary Rock with Drewwritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Drew Gorman was a mystery to me when I first heard of him. But as soon as I listened to his music and learned he wrote and played adult/contemporary music, everything started coming together. His music is gentle but still has many rock elements to it that I find most appealing. There are multiple classic rock influences that are at work here, and they add an excellent variety to Drew’s sound.

Being a musically driven person from birth, Drew began writing and playing music in the 60’s at the young age of 10. His vast and extensive knowledge and experience has led him to this point. Young and hopeful musicians wish they had as much experience as Drew Gorman. I certainly wish I had more experience under my belt. It cannot be a bad thing.

I think Drew tries to make his songs “contemporary” by shortening the track names to Internet lingo. For example, the first song on his set list is “Gr8Luv.” The tone in “Gr8Luv” is interesting because it bounces between an almost Beach Boys styled vocal harmony and a cool, almost George Harrison styled guitar. Drew’s tone changes completely in the song “Urthe1,” which uses a great mixture of heavy drumming and 70’s grunge-style guitar effects. Drew’s vocals on “Urthe1” remind me of an 80’s David Bowie. And Drew’s tone changes again in the song “CoCoRat,” which is a reggae song with reggae vocals. I like “CoCoRat” because of the reggae sound and a nifty, almost Roger Waters-sounding guitar bit.

Visit Drew’s website so you can hear his music, read his bio, and check out his merchandise: