Frequency Theater’s Rock Show Alternative

Frequency Theater’s Rock Show Alternativewritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Straight out of the wet and cloudy northern Indiana landscape, Frequency Theater brings an electronic, effects-driven form of rock to the music scene. Their music is rock, don’t get me wrong, but it has a lot of filtered effects that add an interesting element to their music. Imagine if Depeche Mode had a baby with Paul Oakenfold (yeah it wouldn’t be pretty, but it might sound pretty cool, right?). It almost reminds me of the sound in British rock band Muse’s more recent music, but with a tinge of industrial music you’d find on a Nine Inch Nails album. Frequency Theater has molded an excellent genre of music for themselves, and they appear to understand it well.

The band also knows how to harness their influences and stream them through their own music, and this makes their songs familiar yet novel. The band’s lineup includes Nathan Butler with lead vocals and guitar, Jeffery Harness with keys and programming, and Josh Wakeman on drums.

“Modern Myth” is a great example of Frequency Theater’s style of rock. The synths are powerful and interesting to listen to, the guitar is crunchy and heavy, and the singing is melancholic and soothing. All these elements mix together to make “Modern Myth” one hell of a song. I can only imagine how much better it would sound with full-fledged professional producers working on it. The song “Peace and Safety” starts out with an interesting electronic arrangement, which is then filled in with piano and eventually guitar.

Other noteworthy songs to look out for are “Frenzy” and “Like A Star.” If you want to check out Frequency Theater’s music and see what they’re all about, visit their website. See the show here: