Soulful Jane McGuffin

Soulful Jane McGuffinwritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Jane McGuffin is a soulful singer out of the Washington DC area. Her range of musical styles varies from pop to blues and soul to country. She even performs Christmas songs! She has an extensive list of songs that all exemplify how passionate she is about her craft. They are all filled with themes of love, heartbreak, and the different emotions linked to relationships.

Songs like “Little Girl Heart” and “Telephone Rang In The Morning” illustrate Jane’s distinct voice. They are simple songs with a similar style. A song like “Razzle Dazzle (No Trees)” is an excellent example of Jane’s abililty to mix her sound and tone with some great sliding electric guitar. It sort of tags on this “Indie rock” feeling that was unexpected when I first began listening to Jane McGuffin’s music. The country song “Daisy Chain” starts out with a strong vocal portion from Jane and a beautiful guitar-picking arrangement. When Jane comes in with her duet, the song only intensifies.

Wedding songs and ballads are also sprinkled throughout Jane’s repertoire. The song “Lullaby” is a soft, beautiful piece about a couple taking comfort in one song, meant for each other. Jane’s music is not only well sung, but it also inspires hope for love in this world. The theme of “love” is always something I can get behind and support. Props to you, Jane, for sticking to your beliefs and sharing them with us. We could all use a little more love in these trying times.

So, all you romantics out there, if you feel the need for some old-fashioned love songs with a hint of soul and a beautiful voice, then Jane McGuffin is the gal for you. There are plenty of Jane’s songs you can check out and even purchase at her website. Get more McGuffin stuff here: