Get Fiddlin’ with Katie Glassman

Get Fiddlin’ with Katie Glassmanwritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Denver, Colorado native Katie Glassman immediately stuck out to me because of her voice. It’s got a higher, almost squeakier sound when compared to the slew of singers hitting the market today. And for the first time, I mean squeaky in a good way! A soothing and well played fiddle complements her voice perfectly. It adds an element that gives her music a soulful, happy, and almost country feel.

The fiddle in her song “Taking My Baby Along” strings us along and shows us a soft and uplifting side to her composition. The duet with the male vocalist only adds flair and excitement to her lyrics. The shuffling song “Uncle John” is a great example of traditional fiddle playing mixed with Katie Glassman’s great singing and musical composition. With little piano trills and an excellent accompanying guitar solo, “Uncle John” has a variety of different sounds that come together under Katie’s supreme talent. “Fly Away Lil’ Girl” is a quieter, softly sung song with excellent country guitar riffs and fiddle playing. All of Katie Glassman’s music displays her talent as an artist and as a composer. Her other music all has a similar sound that can only be described as simple with a flourish of tradition. Country music has never been my favorite, but I can honestly say that Katie Glasman makes it fresh, enjoyable, and just downright fun.

Overall, Katie Glassman’s music is professional, well written, and fun to listen to. Having never played fiddle, I can say that listening to Katie Glassman makes me want to pick it up and mess around. None of you want that, so maybe you should just visit her website. Listen to Katie Glassman’s great music here: