Alex Foster Uses Creativity to Explore the Realms Of Jazz

Great Jazz Soloists Alex Foster is a jack of all trades. A long standing member of the Saturday Night Live house band, a sextet, saxophonist, and former member of come considerable legendary bands,Alex Foster has no problem of being both a player and composer on his original album “Condition.”

The track “Wait A Minute” has a fast rhythmic tone that results in a fiery yet precise and mesmerizing style that will bring you back to the days of swing dancing. The alto and soprano become sultry instruments and recite seducing beat poetry in “Litha’s Song.” The songs stimulating and timeless guitar solo can be credited to Coastas Baltazanis while Michael Wolff provides the ravishing piano solo.

With help of an above than average talented ensemble “Condition” is full of energy, life, passion, and honesty that Alex Foster has come to know for. Not sticking to a formula, the album takes stride in exploring the vast frontier of jazz music and combining nontraditional sounds. Alex Foster makes a bold statement that he is going to do things his way. Go to his website to hear some music and find out a little more about him