Alester: “Main Girl”

Alester ReviewThe other day I was listening to the ’90s station in  friend’s car on satellite radio and realized Tyrese was right, R&B isn’t as appreciated as it once was. The top songs on this random countdown of nostalgia consisted of R. Kelly, En Vogue and Toni Braxton. Did we hit a drought, are there no more artists making music like this; romantic, full of soul – basically slow jams? The answer is no. Usher and Ne-Yo still exist in the mainstream and more up and coming acts like Alester are doing what they can. It seems like audiences have just shifted their attentions, but hey – if Alester’s “Main Girl” is spinning, they really need to shift their heads back and focus because this song has so many components that make it pop. It’s smooth, has that sense of romance and definitely has enough pop in it to make it in the mainstream. R&B isn’t dead, we just need more artists like Alester to creep up on all those EDM artists who’ve become the norm, so they can have some spotlight. If you love R&B and miss it on an everyday basis in your everyday life, check out Alester’s “Main Girl,” out now. (