The Mailman’s Children – “Ride in Your Mind” Video Review


The Mailman’s Children – “Ride in Your Mind” Video Review


“Ride in Your Mind,” is the new single and music video release from rock band The Mailman’s Children. The video combines studio and rehearsal footage with what appears to be performance footage shot at a gig. The visuals in the video clearly show a group of musicians who love the whole process of their job, smiling and grooving along with the music. The tune is fun, snappy and catchy, and the video carries that positive energy, grabbing the viewer and bringing them along for the ride.

“Ride in Your Mind” embraces a solid middle-of the road rock sound, in which each performer gets a moment to shine, but the end result is far greater than the sum of it’s parts. The video follows suit, showing candid images of each member of the band in the rehearsal/recording shots, sometimes showing the lighter side and good vibes of the recording experience.

The sets of the video proclaim with simple economy of imagery the fact that The Mailman’s Children is a working band. The rehearsal or recording space is domestic, lived in and clearly DIY. The more traditional performance video appears to be set in some small bar and it’s easy to imagine these guys playing one hundred and fifty places just like it in a given year. Despite the gritty bar band/DIY home studio feel of the footage, the production values on the video are very solid with sharp images and creative camera placement. The audio quality of the release is spot-on and the video is sharp and clever.

The editor makes use of low-opacity overlaid footage to show the relationship between the band practicing and playing live by presenting the images of each setting on top of the other. The contrast of imagery works, showing the different ends of the process through creative presentation. Much to the editor’s credit, the frame never seems overcrowded despite the layers of imagery occurring simultaneously.

Overall, the video is an extremely fun watch and the song is toe-tapping and catchy. “Ride in Your Mind,” serves as a great introduction to not only the music of The Mailman’s Children, but also to these men as musicians. The viewer can infer a great deal about the sincerity, ethic, and temperament of these guys by simply spending three minutes and fifty-four second ingesting this audio/visual treat. I give this video an enthusiastic eight out of ten stars and highly recommend you watch it today!

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by Travis Legge