Roy Burrow Does it Up in the New Year

roy burrow reviewRoy Burrow does his thing and does it right. “Circle of Love” comes off strong. It’s not this airy, romantic track – but rather one that really makes you take notice. It’s like those type of people who come on strong, but it’s still endearing. In “Dancing Queen,” that same style comes into play again, but Roy tones down his demeanor just a bit but he still comes across with a bite in his tongue. With “I Could Get Used to This,” he really slows it all down and it’s a nice change of pace. What it reminds me of is an end of summer song. There’s still this life to it, but you can tell that it’s almost time to break out the blankets and snuggle. We get really sentimental and sweet with “I Love Loving You.” This one has lyrics made for a wedding’s first dance. What I love and respect about Roy is his ability to make listening to his music interesting. It’s not one note the whole time, but rather a good dose of this and that, that all comes together to really work well together. If you’re a fan of contemporary pop, check out Roy Burrow now. (