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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia — In this chaotic world, humanity needs inspiring, heart-warming and soothing songs that could heal their emotional trauma. This is the reason why singer-songwriter Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaus uses her musical talent by combining positive messages and smooth melody to create cool songs both for young and matured music lovers. Her first 5 songs Exit Now Heartache, All Seasons Love, Kookaburra Cha Cha, Physical Distancing and You Are Human explains it more vividly.

You Are Human encourages everyone to focus on their positive attributes and also reminds humans that living also means letting others live.  Physical Distancing was created for those who are emotionally bonded but could not be physically together due to some unavoidable circumstances.  Looking after the environment and setting the wildlife free is the message of Kookaburra Cha Cha.  All Seasons Love is dedicated to the man who took this independent singer-songwriter out of the dungeon of a tormenting abusive relationship.  The excruciating emotional and physical pains while the singer was suffering from domestic violence are expressed in Exit Now Heartache.  This song not only expels emotional pains but also expresses the fact that love takes the space that used to be occupied by pain.

This Philippine-born Australia-based singer-songwriter believes that as long as there is life, a person should always hope for the best. She goes on by saying that a person could lose all material possessions but if hope is always in the heart and mind, there is a good reason to keep on living and gracefully aging.   “In the absence of hatred, anger and resentment, love flourishes in a human’s heart” she adds.

Consequently, when love thrives in the heart of every human being, the world becomes a better place to live in.  A better place is a place where the airwaves is filled with heart-warming, soothing and mind-opening music that focuses on the bright side of life.

Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaus believes that song writing and singing is a God-given talent and must be used to make people feel good.  She just started writing songs after getting rid of her 3 decade old severe depression and anxiety in 2019. In her matured age she keeps on writing songs to promote love, peace and harmony amongst humans and to extend love to nature.

Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaus songs can be downloaded on Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Music, Apple Music and other digital platforms.

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Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaus was born on the 16th of July in Balete, Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro Philippines. She is the 6th of the 10 children of Fernando and Soledad Cudanin.  She started professional singing when she was 20 years old and stopped singing in 1990 when she was suffering from severe depression and anxiety.  She always had the desire to write a song but did not eventuate until she got rid of her depression in 2019.

While managing a commercial FM radio on the island of Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines, she and her 2 children were sponsored by Lothar Ebbinghaus to migrate to Australia.  Before migrating, she graduated Bachelor of Arts in Psychology through distance education and studied Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law in the Australian National University in 2010.




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