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electronfarm records reviewMaurice Oliver of Electronfarm Records knows that electronic music isn’t what it used to me. It’s gone mainstream over the past decade thanks to big names like Tiesto and Skrillex becoming as well known as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. They play shows just as big and can sell just as many records. So with all that, Electrofarm is keeping up with the times and erasing the lines that used to once separate house from techno, worldbeat from electronica and so forth and so on. Hitting play on the site and one is given a song that right away sounds like something out of a jazz club in the heart of downtown New York. It then quickens up and takes on a more modern sound. You can hear the layers put into the production of it and that’s what makes it something to take note about. If you’re a fan of music that doesn’t play by the rules, check out what’s to come from Electronfarm. (