Contemporary R&B Artist LSMK presents BABE!

With the release of his brand new album ‘BABE!’, Nigerian artist LSMK can be seen exploring a truly interesting take on Pop, Rap and a fusion of genres all together.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – July 23rd, 2021 –

Artist LSMK illustrates his footing rather uniquely in music while possessing an audacious thirst to genre hop from Pop, RnB, and Rap. It’s delightfully a challenge to pinpoint one major sound and this was deliberate with the body of work. With the release of his brand new album titled ‘BABE!’, the artist is looking forward to put forth his incredible musical capabilities for music lovers around the world to recognize and appreciate.

The albums message is essentially an ode to love which translates to self-worth while doubling down on themes like body positivity or rather glorification at this point, introspection and euphoria. Comprising a total of 15 tracks, all varying in terms of musical style and nuance, a constant aura around the entire album elicits and answers the question “do you think you’re enough?”.  A  project which tends to pivot from commercially saccharine pop styles to nuanced takes on obsession, body positivity, awakening, honesty, and self-affirmation. Performed, written and produced the from start to finish by LSMK with the exception of features, it’s largely obvious this was not only deeply personal to his style but even with the execution.

”Times were rather special, I had just relocated during a pandemic with no studio gear at the time. Studios weren’t open and I never really work well being timed anyway. I’d sooner or later resort to making iPad/iPhone tracks, recording in the vacuum of car and just focusing on the magic of it. I’ve always known the importance of a great mix and that has largely affected consistency over the years. So at this point, that need became noise to me. However it came out, I had to get it done”.

This, as well as other impulse driven notions and realizations resulted in the birth of ‘BABE!’.

The production single-handedly spans from handheld devices to work stations, offering airy otherworldly chords, insane minors, a deliberately overwhelming sense of sound, plethora of samples, and many other elements and themes that reflect the signature sound of the artist. The features are uniquely quantified; you hear exactly enough from each artist and how they supplement the work with their own nuances, conversations and energy.

LSMK has immense experience and exposure when it comes to producing music that at the very least is incredibly eclectic. This was illustrated with his first ever release “All the Women”, which set the tone for his debut tape titled ‘LUSH’. This release showcased a unique music style which leans into a niche version of Alternative Pop and Contemporary RnB. His other records like “Mr. Father of My Mrs.”, “Dumb it Down”, and “Blow For Breakfast” are indicative of his constant drive for experimentation and a larger than life sound.

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Olisa Ogbolu, also known as LSMK, channels himself as a Nigerian singer, songwriter, producer, and multidimensional artist. Having graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in the UK with a major in Communication Arts, he goes ahead to pursue the daily life as an art director in advertising.

He applies the ”whole is greater than the sum of its parts” mantra with his skill set to capitalize on music majorly. His efforts translate into video, photography, art direction, and production, all serving as conduits to music.



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