Authentic Rock Rhythms and Uplifting Acoustic Vocals: Rising Artist Jon River Set to Soar with New Single

Creating a buzz in the Rhode Island area, rising artist Jon River is on the right track towards forming his own unique and characteristic vibe, while also stunning listeners with memorable rhythms in his new single, “In This Together”.

Middletown, Rhode Island – July 23rd ,2021 –  An up-and-coming sensation, Jon River has put his all into creating stirring and authentic musical compositions, traversing the rich and dynamic genres of Country and Rock. With the release of his new single “In This Together’ Jon makes sure to connect his fans with his music through profound and inspiring messages, echoed through a commanding vocal presence.

With unique and uplifting lyrics, the new country single features powerful verses streamlined with rough tunes of acoustic guitar play. Besides characteristic tunes, the eclectic artist also stuns listeners with a crucial underlying theme, which is embedded within his music, interspersed through the bridge.

The aspiring artist is set to reach new heights through his latest release which features memorable lyrics, empowering sounds, and stirring vocals that reflect sheer talent and ambition.

Having released for fans of Country and Rock on February 21st, 2021, “In This Together” displays a unifying message that was brought about by the artist’s personal experiences of grief and adversity, but also includes his right intuition that always led him to be amongst a group of the right people at the right time. Besides his efforts, Jon’s single also highlights the talent of his industrious producers, Liam and Declan Jenkins, who bring out the most in his authentic and refreshing single, with Declan on lead guitar.

“Everyone has their story, but I’ve stuffed mine down so deeply it only comes out in my music”, says Jon River when asked about the impactful lyrics of his new single.

By releasing poignant and powerful music, Jon is following his heart, performing on gigs locally and amassing a diverse group of fans around the country. His passion for singing and performing has provided Rhode Island with sensational music that has attracted many people.

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Up-and-coming Country and Rock sensation, Jon River is a seasoned singer and songwriter who was born in Rhode Island, United States.

Before writing and composing his own music, Jon had developed a career in IT. Besides working full time, Jon’s interest was tied in writing music for the past ten years which ultimately earned him a great deal of support from local fans and musicians whom he collaborated with. After getting into the world of music, Jon worked tremendously hard to sharpen his skills, being the front man in several successful cover acts, including Designated Driver. Throughout Jon’s personal experiences, he has always aspired to be an artist making music that he loves to craft. Today Jon River has earned tremendous support from his fans, encouraging him to expand his music to other parts of the country.



Name: Jon River
Phone Number: (401)-297-1795
Email Address: [email protected]