All Hail Chris King

Chris King ReviewChris King makes some noise in the electronic sphere but just when you think you know what he’s about to do, you’re wrong. “Ball, Up in da Club!” starts with this pumping beat that makes one instantly start moving. That’s a good sign of what’s to come on this soundscape. Things however slow down when you get to “Killin the Game.” We went from a heartbeating dance party to an intimate affair. Maybe they symbolize an evening out? Somewhere in the middles sits “Give and Take.” It’ll make you move, but has a sense of sexuality to it. Then things get industrial as “Turn In” comes in and turns out a showstopping performance. It’s clear that Chris King doesn’t like to stay in one lane and be a one trick pony. He pulls out all the stops to ensure that his audience will never know what he’s about to pull out next. That element of surprise works in his favor because you always want to keep people on their toes, especially in the world of electronic music. If you’re a fan of musical suspense, check out Chris King now. (