Sarantos – The Happiest Time of the Year

Sarantos – The Happiest Time of the Year


While the Christmas season may be over that doesn’t mean music has to be selective and reviewed according to the season. Sarantos is a DIY musician that creates a catalog of tracks within this two disco set. Not only does Sarantos happen to have a talent for taking a traditional holiday and create a specter of original taste. Typically by the end of December the majority of people cannot wait to say goodbye to the catchy tunes and looking forward to Spring. However what makes Sarantos stand out in a sea of the usual artists you hear covering Christmas songs is that, he offers a sort of doo wop crooner that feels a shade away from the back beat of The Shangri Las. While more than the half the population has heard Bing Crosby or Michael Buble’s Christmas albums, actually finding a distinct voice that can stand outside of the rest is a reassuring aspect.

Sarantos has been noted as having a sort of unique quality when it comes to him creating the music he does. Trying to categorize him seems hardly fair because of all the various styles of music he has chosen to make. Given the fact that not a lot of artists would take it upon themselves to record a duel disc when it comes to a holiday album; namely Sarantos took a big leap. However, that leap of faith was an excellent idea. In each song, you are able to hear a variety of sections that show off Sarantos voice that greatly should be appreciated. Also be adding a children’s choir that adds to the magic that is such a celebrated occasion. 

“The Happiest Time of the Year” instantly gratifies the orchestrated background that willingly holds a bit of magic that ultimately will sink into your heart. Without coming off as a cheesy cover album of older creations, where does one draw the line between original and simply just a fantastic cover? I think once a musician is able to combine both sanctions of lyrics written by another but bringing out a greatly vast over looked idea…the voice. Not only is someone’s voice an instrument but it tends to become lost in the rhythm section and epic draws. 

So as it goes for Sarantos “The Happiest Time of the Year” does come off as not only the happiest time of year but a genuine exception to a great catalog of musicians that came before him.


– Kristen Fisher