Rebecca Harrold: The River of Life

Gold River_Digipak.inddRebecca Harrold is an artist in the truest way. Her album “The River of Life” showcases her way with words, or lack there of as she takes you on emotional journeys through sound. “Photograph” is just beautiful. It comes with this sense of calm and doesn’t need any tricks to get the job done. It’s just a pleasant track that allows for the listener to glide away in their own thoughts. You can hear the sincerity in “We Belong Together,” while the title track “The River of Life” has this somber reality to it. Speaking of, the same can be said of “Mourning Dove” Harrold has a way with capturing real life moments with her instrumental pieces well. In “Willow Tree” that calming ability to her music rolls back in. If you’re a fan of instrumental music that can take you places in an instant, check out Rebecca Harrold’s “The River of Life,” out now. (