Alt-Rock Band Orquesta 24 Cuadros Stuns With Their New Album!

Sway to their latest album’s unique sounds, “El Desvelo,” and listen to the sensational blend of instruments and genres.

Mexico City, Mexico — Music has a beautiful way of assisting expression. Orquesta 24 Cuadros, a band from Mexico, has made a splendid mark in the industry with “El Desvelo,” an exciting new album.

“El Desvelo” is a blend of different musical styles and cultural influences. This album combines unique sounds to showcase exceptional craftsmanship and produce perfectly-blended notes. While this album has distinct sounds of classical, jazz, and rock, you will also sense a subtle mix of pop. Influenced by varied artists like Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Nino Rota, and Pink Floyd, “El Desvelo” includes a lineup of 10 musicians coming from 3 different musical backgrounds, including— cello, accordion, violin, sax, trombone, trumpet (jazz background), bass, drums, guitar, vocals, and keyboards (rock background).

This project is also inspired by Mexico City, a culture and heritage haven. While most of the songs in this album are in English, some are in Spanish to grab an international audience’s attention.
“El Desvelo” was produced by Latin Grammy winner Gerry Rosado. Three videos from their 2016 debut self-titled album earned the band 16 wins and official nominations from film festivals worldwide, including NYC’s prestigious Dance On Camera film festival, held at Lincoln Center.

The album also participated in the LA Shorts Awards, France Underground video festival, and several others. Pieces created by Mico City’s most exciting visual artists become official videos for the band, thus earning them wins and nominations worldwide.

Fans’ response to their music has always been very humbling, but most importantly, it’s very personal to them since it makes them feel part of a community that shares a shared love for music. The band plans to begin touring once the pandemic situation eases. They aim to play in international music festivals and showcases and bring their live shows to music lovers worldwide.

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Atto Attie, the founder of Orquesta 24 Cuadros, started his musical journey at 10. In 2016, Atto formed Orquesta 24 Cuadros, a ten-piece ensemble that included jazz, rock, blues, and classical music. Their debut self-titled album was released the same year, and in 2017, the orchestra played Mexico City’s most emblematic cultural landmarks. The orchestra toured around the country and played at the Vive Latino music festival and the Solsticio Music Fest, opening for Metronomy.

In their shows, the works of Mexican visual artists are showcased, including those of photographers like Lizette Abraham, painters like Alejandra Alarcón and Fernando Álvarez, and film directors, animation and illustration artists, transforming the shows into a hybrid experience. In 2020, Orquesta 24 Cuadros released their second album, “El Desvelo,” which received love from across the globe and continues to stream on all major platforms.



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