Jah Scribe Introduces Latest Single, “Flamez”

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Brooklyn, New York – Positive feelings induce positive vibes and that is what Jah Scribe brings to listeners through his music. By combating an array of issues that people deal with today, the artist encourages listeners to face the tribulations of life. He has garnered a dedicated fanbase that appreciates his world music, a far cry from mainstream music talking more fiction than reality.

“Flamez” is Jah Scribe’s newest single that tackles the raw emotions of experiencing a breakup in a relationship. The unique stylistic of the tunes and vocals stand out in comparison to other world music in the industry. His fresh and honest perspective offers reality and depth of raw emotions that music today is missing.
“Flamez” is a heartfelt single that uses complex layers of melodies to address the complex emotions of being in a relationship. This topic will resonate with a wide range of audiences, who get to hear fun and upbeat tunes combined with meaningful lyrics. Jah hopes his craft and originality portrayed in this single will help him make his mark on the music industry and grow.

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Jah Scribe is a musician based out of Brooklyn, New York. The artist focuses on bringing listeners variations of world music that promote upliftment and explore both surface-level and deep-seated feelings. Jah began to gain recognition for his originality while remaining true to himself through songwriting. With his talents, he hopes to bring back quality music to the masses, which is missing in the mainstream media.



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