An Emerging Hip Hop Artist in the World of Music: This is Finesse ski

Having released compelling tunes for his fans to enjoy and several new ones on the way, artist Finesse ski is heading towards a breakthrough in the music world

New York, New York – September 9th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist Finesse ski is an incredible, rising artist who’s heading out to make a career for himself in music. Possessing incredible expertise in the genre of Hip Hop music, Finesse is very well-equipped when it comes to the art of making outstanding tunes. The artist released a brand new single titled “New Kick Ft. Warrent Wint” on June 20th, 2021.

With the release of the single, Finesse ski is looking forward to getting his sound out there in the world and make people discover him in the process. He wants to be appreciated and admired for his music and is hoping for music lovers to recognize him as a Hip Hop artist for the upcoming generation. The latest single “New Kick” is the perfect depiction of the kind of music he makes and his musical direction in general. Featuring artist Warrent Wint, the song is heavily dominated by rich themes of Hip Hop music. A promo video for the song was released on YouTube on February 22nd, 2021. Posted by Finesse’s official YouTube channel, the video helped a lot in creating hype and anticipation for the song amongst his fans. The song is the perfect amalgamation of the main Hip Hop theme Finesse usually follows for most of his music and some influences taken from other genres. The talented artist stays open-minded when it comes to taking inspiration where needed while making music. This approach helps him to fully channel his artistic side and convert it into an incredible tune without having to restrict himself to certain elements of music.

Apart from the latest single, the rising artist also has another song in store for Hip Hop lovers. The song is called “Deeper Then Love”, and is now available on all major music streaming/downloading platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and many more. The kind of music Finesse ski makes tends to captivate people when they listen to it and takes them back into remembrance. It is capable of instantly lighting up the moods of the listeners, taking them back to old times. He is an extremely unique artist with his sole ambitions and ability to take constructive criticism making him stand out amongst others. The artist believes in manifestation and the law of attraction, along with pure and positive energy.

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Finesse ski is a rising Hip Hop artist, residing in New York. He was born on August 16th, 1994 and is currently 27 years old. Being born in the month of August, Finesse ski is a Leo. He draws his inspirations from NAS, Jadakiss, Style P, Jay Z, Lil Durk, and other legendary artists.

He has been making music for 2 years now but writing music is something Finesse has done his whole life. His lifelong goal is to sign a record deal with Interscope record label and to be financially secure.

Name: Finesse ski
Email: [email protected]
Full Business Address: 1305 Amsterdam Ave 6G
New York, New York 10027
United States