An Expressive and Visceral Portrait of Human Emotions– Singer-Artist Braxton Carter Unveils New Single “The Rain”

An ode that displays all the conflicting sentiments that one experiences, Braxton Carter’s soul-stirring new single is one that pierces through the heart and mind

Herriman, Utah — A moving and emotion-layered composition, “The Rain” is Braxton Carter at his very best. The stunning track features a melodic arrangement, elevated by the artist’s splendid guitar play. With harmonious tunes serenading all audiences, Braxton Carter’s newest track is one which feels like a surreal experience of its own.

With his characteristically mellow and poignant style, the eclectic artist delivers a single which stands out due to its gorgeous instrumentation. The artist’s instrumental sensibilities beautifully counterpart and accentuate the essence of his tracks- his lyrical choice and peerless skills at song writing.

Carter’s most admirable trait remains his solo expertise- being the sole writer, producer, singer, and instrumentalist of all his tracks. “The Rain” is a welcome addition to his already existing roster which also includes the single, “Fools Rush It”- a relatable, honest, and earnest musical composition.

Both “The Rain” and “Fools Rush It” span a variety of themes that have become distinctive of Carter’s craft. Exploring the wave of emotions that one experiences when grappling with life’s twisted, complex, and testing instruments, the artist’s music offers a study into loss, love, and a host of intense emotions that one experiences.

“Writing songs gives me a gateway to explore and convey emotions. I wish for the opportunity to have my songs be enjoyed and listened to,” remarks Braxton Carter regarding music and his relationship with it.

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An illustrious writer, producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Braxton Carter is known for his solo expertise. Hailing from Utah, Carter was always motivated to pursue his independent musical skills, led by a passion for writing songs and playing the guitar. Carter has been making music for 6 years and plays all instruments on his musical compositions by himself.

Diligent plumber by day and fascinating musician by night, Braxton Carter and his music continue to inspire and entrance audiences.


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