An Interview with Legendary Brand CEO Ronnie Arthur

Houston, Texas

Ronnie Arthur is spreading Legendary Brand around the world and motivating fans to achieve their goals. Legendary Brand is becoming a pillar in the Houston community and helping underprivileged youths gain confidence and style. Thanks for the interview Ronnie!

Where are you from?

Saginaw, Michigan

What is your title?

I am the Ceo of Legendary Brand that was established November 11, 2018.

How did Legendary Become A business? Where did it all start?

The Brand Legendary is based upon my Great-Grandmother Martha Young who passed away at the age of 95. My reasons for connecting this brand to her was due to the fact I always wanted to start a clothing line but never knew what I wanted to name it, so one day I was sitting at work exhausted, tired of working and I had my grandmother on my mind. I was thinking about all of the things she did that I witnessed and I said in my head “ Wow she really dont have any siblings, she is the woman of the house, and takes care of the whole family without a problem… that’s a legend” than boom it instantly clicked i kept saying Legendary over and over in my head and decided to give that the name of my brand.

What is some advice you will give to future Entrepreneurs?

Stay motivated, ask questions, surround yourself around people that are doing the same thing but better, do your research, and stay consistent. You have to always remain focused and not let yourself down. You will have some bad days and you will have some good days but you can’t.

What are your future plans?

The future plan is to continue growing, staying focused and expanding. I am currently working right now on starting my own water company (Alkaline to be exact).

What do you love about your brand?

I love how involved my brand is with the community. Three times a month we are giving back to the community, our last event with the community was in September. We paid for kids haircuts, gave book bags filled with school supplies, and free Legendary merch to the community. It’s always a pleasure connecting with the community.

More About the CEO!

Ronnie Arthur is From Saginaw, Michigan. Currently living in Houston, Texas. Graduated college with a Bachelor Degree in Communication while minoring in Entrepreneurship. He is the CEO at Legendary Brand 95 with responsibility for producing premium quality clothes and building a positive vision for the style of clothing.

He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He has also done voluntary work for his community and other communities as well around the United States.

Under Ronnie’s leadership, Legendary Brand achieved multiple goals such as becoming the one of the most noticeable brands in his city, collabing with other celebrities such as Desi Banks, Rio Da Yung Og, Rmc Mike, Louie Ray, Brian Bowen Jr, Brian Cole Jr, and More.



Legendary clothing was founded in hopes to motivate others to achieve their goals and become the legend that lives in all of us. This clothing line Was Inspired by Martha Young, an extraordinary woman, Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother. She has left her mark on this world of being the bridge for so many to achieve success. “Live to be a Legend” is more than a clothing line, it’s a movement.
“Live To Be A Legend”


Legendary Brand
Name: Ronnie Arthur
Email: [email protected]




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