Empowering Healing and Spirituality through Acoustic, Alternative, and Pop: Artist True Istina Set to Inspire

16-year-old sensation, True Istina channels the power of Pop, Dance, and Alternative, lighting the candle of change with uniquely immersive lyricism.

Los Angeles, CA — December 23rd, 2021- When it comes to Alternative and Acoustic music, few are doing it as well as eclectic 16-year-old singer and song writer, True Istina. Lighting the way forward with truth, honesty, and sincerity, the rising 16-year-old artist hopes to reinvent popular musical genres with meaningful messages and authentic song writing.

Growing with her music, which also focuses on the theme of shedding through cocoons into the real world, True Istina is set to unveil a host of singles, which will be followed by the release of her upcoming album. Learning how to harmonize at the age of 5 through her mother’s classes of Music Together and her mother’s teaching vocal lessons, True Istina started writing her own music at the age of 5.

Inviting listeners to explore her creative soundscapes and musical production, True Istina writes music to inspire and help other people, while simultaneously writing music as an outlet for herself. With relatable content that touches upon themes of discomfort, anxiety, and even feelings of being betrayed.

On her riveting new album “True Istina” there are two sides to the music she presents, with the more story telling side representing experiences and the positive side presenting a ray of hope and healing even for herself.

“I hope the music helps you feel more confident, more kind to yourself and, strong just strong however you take that, because strength is the only thing that can you get through anything,” says True Istina regarding her stirring new music.

The eclectic artist boasts a mesmerizing and layered discography, which includes her debut single, “For fun”, and other singles, “nu life”, “walkin the line”, and “fantasy”- all of which will be part of her new musical collection, titled, “True Istina”. The artist aims to drop the full album on March 3rd, 2022, while pre-release opens on February 22nd, 2022.

Visit True Istina’s website to check out/download/buy her music and follow the artist on social media to keep track of new releases. Contact her through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.



A 16-year-old of Croatian ancestry singer-songwriter who is catapulting change and winning hearts through her Acoustic and Alternative compositions, True Istina is a growing phenomenon. The promising star uses her narrative strengths to highlight growth in life, using different chord structures, ideas, and original lyricism. Inspired by the likes of Carrie Underwood and Pentatonix, True Istina is motivated to beat all odds, and change the landscape of music with her layered, emotive, and striking musical productions.

As an artist, True Istina aims to continue evolving and adapting with each new release, being enough to be able to travel and perform all around the world learning new languages, cultures, and customs. Above all, she hopes to be able to perform in Croatia. As a songwriter, she wants to continue to help people who are struggling or striving for change, reminding them that they are not alone.


True Istina
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