An Unfiltered Delivery of Profound, Thought-Provoking Austro-Pop – Thomas Schenk Drops New Track

“DIE ANZIGE LIEBE” is the definition of pure Austropop, oozing with a distinct flair and persona that is characteristic of the artist

Vienna, Vienna, Austria — July 11th, 2022 – A marvelous new release by artistic genius, Thomas Schenk, “DIE ANZIGE LIEBE” forms release cut no.5 of Schenk’s steadily completed album, ‘#derkokszugistda’, slated for release as FLAC/MP3 on 7digital.

A unique new single which has been recorded independently, “DIE ANZIGE LIEBE” is available for preview on the artist’s official Patreon account, as an insightful precursor to his album. Thomas Schenk also looks forward to releasing the single through CD soon, while sticking to goody Patreon Audio-Download in the first run.

Swiftly gaining momentum with his exciting new track, the eclectic artist displays a fascinating mix of song writing and rhythms that connect with audiences. With his original, inviting, and moving symphonies, such as “DIE ANZIGE LIEBE”, Schenk displays a flair and originality that is truly visceral, creating an emotion-fueled experience for audiences.

Listening to the new track, audiences are bound to appreciate and recognize a distinct, sophisticated sound-engineering, along with vocals that are both powerful and resonant. Delivering a rare soundscape, Schenk’s music calls for multiple listens to fully pay attention to words and fall in love with his thematic interpretations, losing oneself in the artist’s intricate sonic web.

“What makes my music unique is that I don’t lacks ideas of that sort and all the work on the album is original,” notes Thomas Schenk regarding his music and craft.

The singer’s plan remains completing his new album and writing new songs that are relatable and unlike anything seen in the industry today. While confident of his work and talents, Schenk remains cognizant of the challenges that a rising artist faces and aims to gain momentum and network through his music!

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Thomas Peter Willibald Schenk known better by his artistic identity, Thomas Schenk, is a rising musical phenomenon. A seasoned Austrian singer and songwriter, Schenk was born in 1964 in Vienna, Austria.

Fashioning thrilling, memorable Austropop tracks that are unique to his brand, the dynamic artist has created a whole new lane for himself in the Pop genre. Discovered in 1987 by Johann Hausner, Thomas Schenk’s musical brilliance was fully recognized and promoted. The artist’s professional musical career took flight soon after his first studio recording in the 90’s by Gregor Ugovsek. Exploring a rich mélange of themes such as life stories, laced with honest sentiments and poignant, thoughtful, and emotional lyrics, the artist represents a meaningful new wave in the music industry. His music remains a standout, with its use of intriguing Viennese local idioms interspersed with standard German.


Thomas Schenk
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