Andrex Montenegro Presents British Rock Perfection With Latest Release

‘Musas’ Is Available Now 


Madrid, Spain – June 12, 2020 – Andrex Montenegro showed strong musical inclinations from an early age. His father is a violin teacher. He started as a violin student with his father, but his growing interest in music made him take courses on different musical instruments. 

He attended primary and secondary and his growing curiosity about the enigma of life made him enroll in the Chair of Philosophy. He tried in vain to find an oasis of rest for human beings and for himself and to solve the problems of existing. As a guitarist, keyboard player, and drummer he was part of several bands in various countries such as Spain, Germany, Belgium, England, and the Netherlands. Andrex also worked on cruises, having the opportunity to know the world and to travel the seas. He also worked as a teacher of different instruments. 

Andrex Montenegro is a multi-instrumentalist who undertook alone the recording of his ‘Musas’ CD, which is presented here, recording all the instruments, choirs, and solo voices in his songs. He continued his Platonic idealism in the immaterial world of music. He realized that the musician talks about reality as it should be, but unfortunately, it is not. He realized that people momentarily escape the stony reality, and immerse in music and its ethereal lyrics. 

That is why music appeals so much to all human beings. The musician builds the fool’s paradise where all human beings flee momentarily to rest from the rigor of existence. Dreams come true in songs. 

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Andrex Montenegro is a British rocker ready to deliver all he can with his latest release, ‘Musas.’

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