Antonio Ciacca Makes His Debut With New Album, ‘String Quartet’

Antonio Ciacca Showcases His Classical Music With Latest Album Release

Pelham, New York  – Antonio Ciacca has been a longtime jazz musician, playing since he was in his teenage years. With so many different genres and musical styles, Antonio believes in breaking the stigma of sticking to one genre. The jazz artist today is busy exploring classical, religious, and gospel music.

‘String Quartet’ is Antonio’s first classical record, showcasing his ear for a genre other than jazz. The album is performed by the highly acclaimed string group, “Selah Quartet.” The two compositions in the album are dedicated to the cultural giants Pier Paolo Pasolini and Walt Whitman. Antonio intellectually mastered the album to represent a blend of Italian and American cultures. The end result is a range of fluid sounds and compositions that many classical music lovers will find soothing.

Apart from his recent release, Antonio has had the opportunity to play his compositions live for his avid listeners. His compositions for jazz big band, orchestras, movie soundtracks, ballet, chamber ensembles, and solo piano have been performed worldwide. This includes performing for diverse audiences in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Teatro Regio of Parma, and Vatican Hall.

‘String Quartet’ is a complex album that contains a variety of harmonies, timbres, and octaves. This way, Antonio and Selah Quartet have made sure there is something in it for every listener out there. Listeners will surely appreciate the cultural and musical journey that the album takes you through.

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Antonio Ciacca is an experienced pianist, composer, and conductor. With his extensive knowledge about jazz and expert experience working as a musician, Ciacca is a wonderful musician as well as an educator. His work ranges from classical to jazz with influences from both European and American traditions, allowing Ciacca to move fluidly among cultural environments. He is currently a doctorate candidate at Stony Brook University, holds a master’s degree at City College of New York, and a bachelor’s degree at the Bologna Conservatory in Italy.



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