Arcading Motivational Explosion in Her New Single: Minna LaFortune’s Third Consecutive Release Instruments an Unrelenting Aura

The recording artist’s third single ‘Dream Big’ flickers positivity, inspiring all to pursue their originality 

Brooklyn, New York — October 20th, 2022- An up-and-coming artist, Minna LaFortune, festers promise through the motivational subject matter in her music most. Her new unrelenting single, ‘Dream Big,’ rolls out notions of positivity to a newfound magnitude and places itself within the uniqueness of a select few fresh releases. Self-empowerment and bristling optimism coupled with her versatile voice collide into an impeccable artistic direction and knowing the success of this, LaFortune strategically pushes it to the full in this track.

‘Dream Big’ sounds unique and flowy from start to end. The verses and the chorus intertwine perfectly with the Ska production in the background, delivering an experience unlike any other. There is an uplifting hymn of confidence in her voice that transitions into positive Ska tunes and allows for the listener to truly ‘Dream Big.’

Ska is a musical genre that was created in the 1960s in Jamaica that Minna LaFortune thinks is still viable and relevant to carry her motivational message to her fans and make “Dream Big”    a memorable song.

LaFortune’s lyrical prowess resides in her songwriting ability and allows her to write this entire song with only one collaborator. The gifted song writer has a free hand with which she writes these melodic verses and while the artist is continuing to prove her artistic groove to the world with each release, it seems her motivational message will always be carried forward.

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Minna LaFortune may be newcomer to the streaming and recording world, but she has been a lifelong singer and songwriter. When asked about her music, she responds with an anecdote about her mother, claiming her mother, who was also a folklorist, always sang to her and this was her introduction the world of music. Her father also played a role by teaching her how to play juke boxes and sing and dance to Jamaican pop music in bars across the island of Jamaica when she and her siblings were children. From an early age, Minna was inclined towards opera and jazz and wanted to be a singer. She studied voice at Ardenne  High School in Kingston, Jamaica, where she sang on the school choir and as a result of her classical training, won a soprano soloist bronze medal in 1977 annual Jamaica National Music Competition.

Bob Marley, Gregory Issacs, Dennis Brown, Marcia Griffiths, Dawn Penn, Jennifer Hudson, Barbara Streisand and Etta James are namely a few of her musical influences shaping her artistry today. LaFortune has collaborated with musicians such as Teddy Crawford (deceased), Oscar Stephenson and Jeffery Fairweather as well as the Caribbean Cultural Theater.

Most recently the artist released two other singles from her completed 12-track Pop album ‘Dance with Me’. The two releases were “Summer Love “and “Jump and Whine”. “Jump and Whine” was written in celebration of Jamaica’s 60th Independence Anniversary. Minna LaFortune will start recording her second album soon. Her goal remains building a strong fan base and ensuring her music reaches as many listeners as possible.


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