Music That Uplifts The Audience’s Moods: Ananya Tare Releases A New Fun-Packed Enjoyment Single.

“Blarb 361” is a beautifully quirky and imaginative song that regales audiences with musical tunes that take them on a journey away from their current troubles.

Clearwater, FL — Ananya Tare is a new up-and-coming teenage artist who has released three singles so far and makes music that helps individuals channel their inner happiness, creating an aura of absolute positivity. This music is instrumental in uplifting hearts and minds to help foster a real connection within oneself.

Ananya Tare aims to instill a sense of empowerment in the listener through her lyrics. Her purpose is to uplift society through her musical messages and help other artists do the same. In this way, her music acts as a breath of fresh air in an industry saturated with redundancy. It also acts as a burst of light in times of immense darkness. Her first two singles “Before I Call You Baby” and “This Is It” showcase this musical vision with surety.

Her new single, “Blarb 361” is a whimsical song about wanting to get away from everyone and everything by escaping to an imaginary planet called “Blarb 361”. The single offers a unique and lasting avenue of escape from the current turmoil in one’s life. By doing so, it helps listeners find an everlasting place of solace that helps them reel from the ruthlessness of the world. The single inspires enjoyment and glee. In a nutshell, this euphoric place is ethereal and keeps the audience hooked for a long.

However, it also has a deeper meaning. The singer says “This song is about the frustration of feeling like no one understands me and what I think about things”. Stemming from a place of deep loneliness and rejection, Ananya ventures out to counter that feeling to make everyone feel seen and heard. In small ways, this simple recognition goes a long way in making someone’s day.

“Blarb 361” is meant to translate this heavy and worrisome emotion into something light and fun as it did for the singer herself. In keeping this emotionally complex issue as a musical melody that incites glee, the eclectic singer-songwriter has done the unimaginable; find music that both brings heavy realizations while teaching one how to deal with them. The single was released on October 14th, was written and performed by Ananya Tare, and was produced by Chase Coy at Hazy Lane Productions. This dynamic duo has thus composed the anthem of the year!

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Ananya Tare started her music training in Hindustani (Indian) classical music when she was just four years old. At the tender age of 11, the rising star developed an inquisitive interest in Western music which she started teaching herself. This passion for music only blossomed as the years went by and Ananya became more and more ambitious through her starring leading roles in musicals.

The singer wrote her first song when she was 13 years old and had been writing, singing, and performing original music ever since. Ananya’s music is influenced by songwriters such as Taylor Swift, Conan Gray, Alec Benjamin, Julia Michaels, Noah Kahan, and Lizzy McAlpine all of which bring a sense of empowerment to the listener. Ananya will be releasing two more singles in early 2023 and is currently working on an EP.


Ananya Tare
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