Artist 3HLRo Releases A New Hip Hop Single

Social Media user ‘Trillybui’ composes under alias 3HLRo

Atlanta, Georgia – May 4th, 2021 – Rap and hip hop enthusiasts who are constantly on the lookout for fresh talent and unique styles, there is some good news ahead. The new and upcoming artist, who goes by the stage name, 3HLRo, is all set to release his latest single, “Perfect Timing.” This latest feature is not the first song the talented artist has released. A work of collaboration, it features Smoak from the United Kingdom.

The artist originally kick-started his career last year with his first composition in December, titled “Off-White.” If rap could be a slow burn and sensual, then this young artist’s music is its embodiment. Seductive, playful, and catchy, 3HLRo’s music is a brilliant combination of well-placed beats, perfect delivery, and enjoyable lyrical content. Following the same notes as the first track, the latest song, “Perfect Timing,” also sounds sensual and sultry to the ears.

The independent artist has already received a lot of encouragement and positive response over his music. Expected to become a major artist, 3HLRo also has several personal music-related goals to achieve. The artist’s seriousness about his music career is in sharp contrast to his attitude when he initially started songwriting as a hobby. Now, 3HLRo’s goal is to make it big and become someone’s favorite musician.

3HLRo is motivated by his mother and wishes to make her proud through a successful music career. He thanks her for having always been by his side spiritually and mentally, despite the physical distance between them. Although the artist has not seen her in person in the past three years, he wants to make her proud and says everything he does is for her.

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3HLRo or Roland Okeke is a twenty-two-year-old college student and a part-time independent artist. He is passionate about making rap music and creatively uses the genre as a form of expression. The artist is greatly inspired by his family and draws motivation from them.




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