Artist Echolily Releases A Sultry New Indie Single That Will Have Listeners Swooning

“Mindspin” is all one can expect from a lo-fi, synth-pop number

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia — October 1st, 2021 – Artist Echolily has released a new single titled “Mindspin.” This number is reminiscent of girlfriend parties and getting over heartbreaks together, making it perfect for a night out with the girls. In fact, “Mindspin” was formulated when Echolily had a great night out with her girlfriends. They shared some glasses of wine as they indulged in stories of heartbreak each of the girls was going through. Thus, heartbreak and wine led to the creation of “Mindspin.” Of course, audiences who haven’t had an experience like a girls’ night out can still relate to this number because it talks about the different stages of drunkenness in general. Whether a girl or a guy, if you’re looking for some fun pop music to play during a chill night out, “Mindspin” is a must-have.

A collaborative production with the Melbourne-based Scottish producer, Noneohone, the single is a blend of synth-pop, dance, and electronica downtempo. Echolily really shows her skills as an artist and her versatility with this track. The gentle electronic croon takes the listener into a trance-like state with hints of 90s nostalgia and some oblique soundscapes, making for an irresistible track.  In fact, one almost feels a little lightheaded and tipsy a couple of minutes into the song.

Echolily’s mature sonic palette and sultry pop sensibility are a result of passionate music creation. Fueled by fire to make art out of imperfections, Echolily takes the listener on a bumpy ride that won’t make sense in discrete parts. Only when put together does the whole picture emerge – and it is perfect. This musician’s foray into music started at an early age. However, Echolily took her love for music seriously only three years ago, when she started producing. Echolily has caught up fast by creating a dedicated fanbase among lo-fi, downtempo electronica lovers, despite starting late into her career. The songwriter has received honorable mentions from the music press like Around The Sound, Out Now, NZ Film Freak, ABC Radio, Super Radio Network, etc. The artist’s previous music releases include “Under The Clocks (Stay)” and “Higher.” Having a bigger, humanitarian purpose, these singles are beautiful and inspirational at the same time. Echolily’s ultimate aim is to work with her music inspirations like Portishead, Bjork, Jamie xx, Tokimonsta, and Sia.

For now, Echolily encourages readers to visit her website and listen to her single “Mindspin.” The artist welcomes reviews, collaborations, and interviews. She also looks forward to interactions with her fans in the comments.



A frontline medical doctor during the day, Echolily brings together compassion, music, and beauty in an irresistible mix through her music. She finds solace in music and wishes to share this feeling with the world through her creations. A mixture of synth-pop, dance, and lo-fi electronica, this artist’s music will get to the listeners in the subtlest of ways.



Name: echolily, Michelle Chong

Email: [email protected]


Source: ArtistPR