New Latin Song Celebrating Love And Courage Released

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — October 1st, 2021 – An emerging musician, Lubha is a true romantic at heart. He has released a new song, “Bella,” a Latin trap song intended to conquer the hearts of music lovers. Lubha is a staunch believer in the purity of love and wants to express it through his music. “Bella” is intended to encompass and celebrate all types of love. Whether it is the passion and fire shared by two lovers, the sweet, protective bond between family members, or the encompassing and wholesome feeling for all of humanity. Highly subjective, love takes different forms and shapes for different people and cannot be defined. Following this tangent, the song “Bella,” instead of defining love, attempts to celebrate it through its beautifully composed lyrics. Thus, becoming an expression of love, courage, and honor for women all around, “Bella” is a song also dedicated to the nurturing potential women carry.

The artist’s motivations for this song are clear. Drawing from his belief that one’s partner will never be perfect but will always be one’s side, Lubha makes music on authentic matters. The track, “Bella,” apart from giving us an insight into the artist’s mind, also tells a lot about his musical talent. Beautifully layered to provide the depth required by romantic songs, this track is also catchy enough to become instantly relatable. “Bella” was composed and produced by Song Factory, run by Lenny Salcedo, a Dominican singer, and songwriter. The track is a part of the album, ‘From The Heart.’ The broader album is intended to be an ode to the innocence of love and one’s family. Following the theme of this album, “Bella” takes the listener on an emotional journey where they feel pure, clean love. This song is also ideal to be dedicated to a loved one.

As expected, Lubha’s inspiration is his family; his loving wife and three beautiful daughters have taught him to put family first and the purity of true love.

Lubha plans to continue writing and singing songs that are based on the power of love and family. Meanwhile, to listen to “Bella,” please click here.






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