Artist John Dee Releases Drop A Hot New Single, “Shake That Ass Girl”

This artist is all about the sensual pleasures of life

Albany, New York  –  Artist John Dee has released a new single, “Shake That Ass Girl’. A new artist, John is enthusiastic about spreading his single to audiences who enjoy rap and hip hop genres and favor lighthearted, catchy music geared towards living in the moment. The erotic, sensual, and enjoyable, all sorts of audiences are expected to appreciate this new single. However, it must be noted that this track is not child-friendly and contains age-restricted content. Nevertheless, the track is expected to be quite popular among mature audiences.

The latest track is a display of the artist John Dee’s skills as a musician. Apart from successfully incorporating beats and delivering the lyrics at the right pace, the artist also showcases his skills as a songwriter. Catchy and engaging from the beginning to the end, this track establishes John Dee as a successful lyricist. The artist also incorporates techniques unique only to him, making his music distinct and original. Due to the nature of the latest song’s content, it is ideal for relaxed and fun situations such as parties.

Artist John Dee is passionate about making music that his audiences find enjoyable. The rapper wants people to relax and enjoy his music; in doing so, John Dee believes people will be better mentally equipped to fight their current scenarios.
The artist draws inspiration from the carnal enjoyments of life and aspires to incorporate them into his songs. His love and talent for music drive him to keep on releasing new songs.

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John Dee hails from Upstate New York. He started rapping at the age of twenty-seven as a passionate young man. John plans on pursuing a career in music and has more music that he plans to release in the future.



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