Artist Raul E Blanco And Band Jazz Wires Release A New Album

Energetic, enjoyable, and introspective – ‘Brutal Fairytale’

Houston, Texas – February 7th, 2020 –  Artist Raul E Blanco and his band Jazz Wires released a new jazz album, “Brutal Fairytale,” also their third album. The band members involved in creating this album include several talented individuals, with Raul E Blanco leading them. Raul is on the piano, percussion, and as the vocalist, while Brandt Fisher on the Sax. Gabriella Aragon plays the Trombone and is also a vocalist, Noah Austin on the Trumpet, Joe Ballastrasse on the bass, and Anthony Channita plays the drums. A powerful mixture of highly talented band members, ‘Brutal Fairytale’ emerges as a combination of different jazz styles, classical rock, and world music. Packing killer grooves, yet easy and stimulating to listen to, this track has the potential to inspire and impress the listener. Blanco, the leader of this track, envisions it as an attempt to deliver passion and elegance to his audiences.

The band has received a lot of recognition and praise over its release. Peers and fans alike have described it as having a calming effect as it excites and engages the listener. With a music video that is a work of art in itself, the band succeeds in checking all the boxes and impressing audiences.

Raul, a musical visionary, believes a musician can play an instrument, while an artist can make the audience successfully connect with the music. In this sense, Raul is a potent musician and artist, as evident in the track ‘Brutal Fairytale.’ Raul’s style is unique because of its fusion of contemporary jazz with classical and world influences.

The Band, Jazz Wires, is entwined with Raul’s journey as an artist. It came together at Washington State University when Raul was completing his master’s degree. As a student, he started creating his music and began to involve some of the best musicians at the university. The group has recorded several tracks and albums since then. Raul E Blanco & Jazz Wires love to create music and understand it as a unique living experience every single time. Their live performances are a sight to behold; they instantly connect with the audience and explode with creativity.

Raul plans to perform at music festivals in the future and intends to release more enjoyable music. For more information on the artist and his band, please click here to visit his website.





Raul E Blanco is a Cuban pianist who has gotten his training from some of the most prestigious music conservatories in Cuba. Raul has grown under the influence of music, going back to his grandmother, a piano teacher. The artist moved to the US at eighteen years old and has been playing popular music ever since.




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