Lannie Flowers – Live in NYC

Lannie Flowers – Live in NYC

8.5/10 Stars

Lannie Flowers returns with a much stronger display of melodic prowess via the stage on this his latest “Live in NYC” CD released in 2014 (SpyderPop Records). With some help from his band Flowers at times reminded me of the Traveling Wilburys at times. Most songwriters at the Flowers level discover songs at time can just fly out, with moments of sheer inspiration for both the composer and the listener. Hence that’s the therapeutic reason why we write music in the first place. Bring all of this to a live setting – it’s like pouring gasoline of a campfire.

About the artist: Hailing from Kennedale in Texas, modern power pop indie artist Lannie Flowers ( ), has just been nominated for 3 music awards at the prestigious 23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards Nominee and Press Event ( which was held in June at the world famous Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood, ahead of the final awards night being held November 14th at the plush Avalon in Hollywood. Flowers, who is represented by SoundCheck International Artist Management and SpyderPop Records in Texas, is a veteran artist that in his earlier years was wooed by record labels such as Columbia Records and Polygram Records. Continuing his successes he has been nominated for ‘Record of the Year’, ‘Male Pop Artist of the Year’ and ‘Social Media Artist of the Year’ at this year’s music awards. “I was very excited to learn that I was nominated for three awards from the LA Music Awards.” says Flowers. “This is truly a great honor from a prestigious event. I look forward in performing in Hollywood at the September and November events.”

The live setting and feel pretty much delivers and hits on all cylinders. It’s a small crowd I estimate under 50 heads. The playing – like a well-oiled machine. The songwriting here aims to promote more positive messages than is common in rock these days while not holding back emotionally of spiritually thus reducing the songs to a sanitized version. Within these straight forward lyrics from Flowers I get the impression he will reach out to multitudes with great meaning – hence the first paragraph. The lyrics and music touched me and were written for that listener that may be going through a sort of soul’s journey. To the right and left of him evil – yet ho forges his path through the darkness. This is how I visualized the album. Every song also has a different dynamic, which helps it all from sounding repetitive. It’s also filled with powerful synergy and love & life topics that are relatable. Track 1 “I Didn’t Know” is a great leadoff live track and spiritual wake up call. Flowers is a rock solid vocalist, musician and arranger. While being emotional he pulls out all the stops backed up with the rock solid musicianship of his hot band. Speaking of which Band members include: Lannie Flowers (Guitar, Vocals), Alan Davis (Guitar, Keyboards, and Vocals), Rodney Bollinger (Guitar, Vocals), Rodney Schnell (Bass, Vocal), Brandon Bumpass (Drums, Vocals).

Above all you can hear the strong emotion vocal front as he takes on these at times powerful messages head on. My top 3 tracks are “I Don’t Know”, “All Dressed Up” and “Where Does Love Go”. I could be wrong but this music is testament to character, strong will power, strength, courage and having a strong resolve through the heartbreak and heartache. Indeed many of these traits are possessed by many people over in the Mid-West and many of these traits are needed by many people south of the Bible belt.

The Music of Lannie Flowers reminded me of: The Kinks, Ryan Adams, Drive By Truckers, The Allman Brothers Band, The Band and Tom Petty and Utopia.

Some listeners want to experience music that is quirky, angry, eccentric, thoughtful boastful, loud, reckless, destructive, shallow, indulgent whatever. To me this reflects the culture. The music of Lannie Flowers takes music a step further – and delivers it live. It’s obvious Flowers knows a lot about life and love lost. He no doubt has many life experiences good and bad to bring to the table as a songwriter, producer. This greatly enhances the depth of listening experience for me personally – songs with substance. It’s a real breath of fresh air to hear messages that have more substance than what is presently on my radio.

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John Siegel, approved by Cyrus Rhodes.