Rock & Roll with Johnny Lynn

Johnny LynnJohnny Lynn is a singer songwriter who knows how to rock and who knows how to roll with matters of the heart. “All Said & Done” is an upbeat good time. It sounds a little like the rock and roll from back in the ’50s that would’ve been considered for the bad boys. As we move into “She Loves The Night” we get a little sincere in the music. The intro has a sweetness to it and that carries on into the vocals as they progress throughout. Right away I was interested to hear what “Crazy Richard” had to offer. The title alone is enticing. It doesn’t sound as crazed as one would assume though. I thought it would be a reckless delight. Instead it was well composed rock and roll, which you can’t really complain about, right? As the songs continue on and shape who Johnny Lynn is as an artist, we land on the end with “Good Life.” We kicked it off with a rocker and end with a lover. Here you can really hear all Lynn can do vocally when stripped down. If you’re a fan of artists like Ryan Adams, then you’ll just die for Johnny Lynn and all he has in his bag of tricks. So make sure to check him out today. (