Artist Releases New Single Titled, “2 Broken Hearts”

Heartache, loss, and recovering – this single has it all

Crossville, Tennessee – March 26th, 2021 – Filled with anguish, there’s nothing quite like the artist Keviene’s new single, “2 Broken Hearts”, to make one feel emotional. Coming from a story of deeply personal pain, not many people can capture their emotions so profoundly. Although Keviene has been in the music scene for several years now, with multiple albums and several singles to his name, he is only being noticed now because of the new single’s unprecedented emotional intensity.

The artist has a heartfelt and heartbreaking story behind his single. Keviene found the love of his life back in 2014 and got married to her. The two were absolutely and irrevocably in love with each other and thought they would be together till they were old and grey. Nothing short of a magical love story, their journey together ended when tragedy struck, and Keviene’s wife went away. Devastated and destroyed, the artist nursed himself through his heartbreak and tried to move on – an arduous task, as he realized exactly how much he still was in love. The new single, “2 Broken Hearts,” is precisely about this pain and emotionally harrowing experience. The authenticity of Keviene’s experience and his emotions’ sincerity is evident in the track, making it a must-have for audiences who want to experience a powerful and sentiment-laden experience through music.

Keviene started his musical journey back in 1990 when he recorded for the first time. Fast forward to 2014, the exceptional artist met his wife, who recognized his talent and urged him to pursue music, despite resistance from his end. Finally giving in, Keviene recorded his first album in 2017 and the second one in 2018. After these two albums, the singer has also released several singles and a few music videos, which have received a lot of success. His most popular video, titled “America,” had a whopping 500,000 views on YouTube. His other video, “Don’t Be Afraid,” only at second place by a hundred thousand, is also widely popular. “No One Like You” is indeed a soothing melody, better than any medicine could be, is a tribute to the artist’s lost love.

Keviene realizes that several other people are also going through similar harrowing experiences. Although still in love with his beloved wife, he is moving on one day at a time. Meanwhile, the artist wants to heal people’s souls with his music how he heals bodies as a physician.

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Keviene, a physician by profession, is currently in the process of getting back on his feet after the tragic departure of the love of his life. Highly relatable and passionate, the artist infuses his talent
for singing with his life story in a beautifully tragic manner.




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