Jerry Geraldo Releases New Album, ‘Toca La Musica’

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New York, New York State – Jerry Geraldo is an entrepreneur that likes to try his hand and succeed at many endeavors, including those involving music. Jerry hopes to redefine the music industry with his craft and make a welcoming space for independent artists such as himself.

‘Toca La Musica’ is Jerry’s newest album release, containing 12 tracks. The album and the film “Toca La Musica Film” take listeners on a dancing trip around the world. It draws from various music styles with heavy influences of hip-hop, dance, and Latin music. It does not come as a surprise that avid club-goers will enjoy dancing to the beats.
Jerry has had the opportunity to collaborate with many artists. One artist, in particular, he is currently working with is the up-and-coming musician, Dalet. He worked with her on her single “De Ti Nueva York” which gained some well-deserved recognition. It includes work by the legendary Catano and Henry Garcia. Jerry hopes to make more music with Dalet that will take the Latin music world by the storm.

‘Toca La Musica’ is a rhythmic album that uses its uplifting, catchy beats to put people in a good dancing mood. The artist will continue to echo a positive message with his future music projects.

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Jerry Geraldo is a DJ, producer, songwriter, host, promoter, entrepreneur, and music artist. The artist creates Latin, dance, and hip-hop music that tells a story throughout every melody. His fanbase particularly enjoys the danceable and electrifying beats. Jerry Geraldo is an executive producer for several music productions on Encendido Records. He has also worked as an events promoter in NYC with Copacabana, EL Que Sabe Sabe, Partyhunter, and Jimmy’s NYC, among others.




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