Artour Hits the Club

Artour Hits the ClubLos Angeles’ own Artour can’t deny he’s one for the late nights and bright lights with his music that screams, “Dance tight now!” “Tonight” sounds like a bonafide club song, it’s electronic for the kids who like to rave. Then there’s something about living tonight. The vocals aren’t that strong. “Night Time” the music is executed well. The vocals are a little better in this one, maybe because they come in sooner than later and are more catchy. “Wall To Wall #TwerkTeamUSA” plays into what is current. Twerk almost became the word of 2013 but selfie actually beat it out. Nevertheless it’ll make girls and guys alike do what they do on the dance floor; twerk hard. “Bottles Are Free” is about knowing how to party and having a night out, so that’s fun. Things shook up with “Grind My Gears” and its hyper energy that eventually gets industrial. So that’s different and sets is apart. At times the vocals verged on Right Said Fred, but with a modern musical twist. If you’re a club kid, make sure to check out the City of Angels’ Artour. (