John Crain Showcases the Heart of Rock

John Crain Showcases the Heart of RockJohn Crain is a rocking guy who has a hint of country to his music, but just a hint. He can be filed under that just a smidge thanks to songs like “My True Love.” Here he sounds like a true country boy with a story to tell, even if the story is about heading down to the store like this one is…He can make it about love somehow. “Without You” shows off his soft side as the music makes pictures of the adobe clad desert dance and sway about to a cool, calm and collected beat. Then there’s “Stand Up” also showcases the softer side of John Crain, but things slowly build up but it never gets to be too much, but just enough. John Crain is a bassist, guitarist and of course vocalist from North Carolina who is ready for you to take on and discover. (