Cody Verbage Dances Into Your Heart

Cody Verbage Dances Into Your HeartCody Verbage is a singer, dancer, actor and a college graduate? Before you all fight for his hand, get to know his musical abilities first. “Let The Rhythm Guide” is that blue eyed soul. Watch out Justin Timberlake because acts like Cody Verbage are hot on your tracks. This track is hot and sexy and will make any girl weak in the knees. While that one makes you hot and bothered, “Overdone” will make you swoon based on the music alone. Things get back to a livelier mood with “Maze.” Don’t be puzzled if you’re left with this one stuck in your head at the end of the day. “Pit of Fire” does the same as the last, but with a lot more…shall we say…heat? Yeah, we’ll go with that. Cody Verbage’s strong points are his ability to make you move and his fast pop delivery that’s got a little swagger to it. The slow song amongst these three hits is lost and could be seen as the weakest link. If you’re into pop music with some flare, check out Cody Verbage. (