Grammy Award-Winning Christian Rock Duo Mesmerizes – The Union Of Sinners and Saints Present ‘Mountain Top’

The 1st single from their new record, “One More Shot,” The Union of Sinners and Saints’ new album represents the finest work yet by John Schlitt & Billy Smiley

Nashville, TN —June 12th, 2023 – “Mountain Top” marks the 1st single from The Union of Sinners and Saints’ disruptive new album, ‘One More Shot.’ Having released in fall of 2022, the stunning record shines a light upon the experience, depth, and emotions that the talented duo is able to weave in their craft.

A breathtaking artistic duo, The Union of Sinners and Saints represents a powerhouse in the Christian Rock genre; a force which has hit over 16 million+ album sales, 27 chart-topping #1 Songs, and 4 prestigious Grammy Awards.

Having around 15 Grammy nominations between themselves, The Union of Sinners and Saints’ front-men John Schlitt of Petra and Billy Smiley of WhiteHeart have carved their place as the top 2 Christian Rock groups of all time.

The artist’s magical touring forms an extension of their expertise with John and Billy going out and doing what they love doing- performing and telling stories of the road. Surrounding audiences with a high-energy yet intimate time with fans, friends, and their families, The Union of Sinners and Saints are on a fascinating musical voyage.

Their new single- a breathtaking Christian Rock anthem “Mountain Top”, released for audiences on iTunes and Spotify on April 29th, 2022.  Accompanied with a music video, the single highlights the hurdles, the victories, and the powerful yet poignant emotions that layer life’s many stories, resonating with listeners from all walks of life.

Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Billy Smiley (Johnny Cash, WhiteHeart, Newsboys, and Steven Curtis Chapman), and mixed by Grammy-winner Mark Needham (Fleetwwod Mac, Stevie Nicks, The Killers, and Imagine Dragons) and Jonathan Crone (member of the band), ‘One More Shot’ is bound to take its place among the greatest records of today.

With their originality and boundless talent, the seasoned band puts out its finest effort to date combining the musicality and harmonies of WhiteHeart albums. Charged by the power of Petra’s lead singer, John Schlitt, the new record is supported by 5 of the best musicians in the music city, 3 of them coming from the WhiteHeart camp, and guitarists Jason Fowler and Jonathan Crone.

A formidable artistic presence, The Union of Sinners and Saints intend to perform their chart-topping, award-winning #1 songs including: “Independence Day,” “Beyond Belief,” and fan-favorites “Rise Up,” “Everybody Knows,” and “I Still Believe” live as well.

Stream and buy the heartfelt and evocative new music from The Union of Sinners and Saints and lose yourself in the magic that is Christian Rock!



The Union of Sinners and Saints, consisting of John Schlitt and Billy Smiley, are Christian Rock icons with an impressive track record. With over 16 million album sales, 27 #1 songs, 4 Grammys, and 15 Grammy nominations, they have now released a remarkable new Rock N Roll album. Produced by Grammy nominee Billy Smiley and mixed by Grammy winner Mark Needham, this record showcases their finest effort yet. The Union of Sinners and Saints’ electrifying sound and captivating lyrics make this release a testament to their enduring musical legacy.


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