Ellie Perez and Her Soft Piano Ways

Ellie Perez and Her Soft Piano WaysEllie Perez’s voice is soft and angelic and is a perfect match for the piano she play elegantly. “Fool in Love” has a wonderfully crafted ivory beginning matched only by her soulful vocals. You could hear her in the lounge of a gorgous piano bar as the night comes to an end, the solemn tone of her voice painting a story of a girl lost because of love, left alone. This is a young girl, but her maturity sings loud in “Winter in Your House of Card.” Then sings true in “Stars.” When you have a voice like Ellie Perez, you consider it a gift and keep it close, but thankfully she chooses to share it. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Ellie Perez on The Voice one day soon. If she hasn’t considered trying out, she should. If you’re into artists like Angel Taylor, take a chunk of your day to check out the sweet sounds of Ellie Perez. (https://www.ellieperezmusic.com/contact.html)